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Monday, December 12, 2011 • 9:19 PM • 0 comments

1st plan nk pergi Sentul Park but , it already closed ...
Kak ela pon dah benggang :( 

Pastu kiteorang pergilah naik KTM aLL a Way g MidValley ...
pastu terlajak pulak haha :D

Muka dah bLUR x tau nk buad pee ...
Kene patah balek g K.L Sentral took a neXt train go to SG. Gaduut ...
jumpe minah2 indon plark tuu haha :D 
nak naek train pOn dah x cOnfident :( 
At Last kak ela fOunds a maP [ JakOns ]

At last smpai jugak MidValley ...
smpai jer smue buad muke HappY :)
Then stop at KFC ... [ Lapa ]

After that kiteorang g Garden .. ;)

No harsh word please !

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